Catharsis Journal: How Creativity Changed My Life

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The Best Way to Journal

You have the power to create whatever life you want. As the designer of your world, get as detailed as you desire. Several research studies found that writing in your journal reduces stress. These benefits include:. When you are in an intensely emotional mood, journaling can help you more fully experience and understand those emotions.

Without a journal, intense emotional experiences can be crippling for hours, days and even years. But an honest and inspired journal session can be the best form of therapy—quickly returning you better and smarter than you were before. Humans are bad at retaining information. We forget most of what we read and hear. Neurologically, when you listen to something, a different part of your brain is engaged than when you write it down.

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Memory recorded by listening does not discriminate important from unimportant information. Furthermore, the act of writing allows your subconscious mind to work out problems in unique ways, intensifying the learning process. Even if you start a journal session in a bad mood, the insight writing brings has a subtle way of shifting your mind toward gratitude. As part of your morning and post-work journaling sessions, be sure to include some gratitude in your writing.

It will change your life orientation from scarcity to abundance. Gratitude journaling is a scientifically proven way to overcome several psychological challenges.

Research shows that writing can be cathartic during stressful times.

The benefits are seemingly endless. Here are just a few:. I became a writer through journaling.

Jonathan F. Anderson, LPC-s

While I was on a mission-trip, I wrote in my journal for one to two hours per day. I got lost in flow and fell in love with the writing process. If you want to become a writer one day, start by journaling. Journaling can help you:. I started journaling in after reading an article about the importance of journal writing.

In the article, the author described how much journaling had changed her life. She said after all these years, she now has 38 recorded volumes of personal and family history. After finishing that article, I have never stopped writing in my journal. In my family room on a bookshelf are plus journals filled with my thoughts and experiences.

5 Ways Journaling Can Improve Your Life

Other benefits of journaling include…. I dare say that journaling is one of the most important things to do in your life. If done effectively, it will change everything in your life for the better. Your relationships will be healthier and happier.

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MultiMedia Schools, Vol. The Florida Times Union, January 22, I bought double-sided tape, patterned tissue paper and all natural wax paper. Then you just cut out the piece of tape with the wax paper as the adhesive backing!

Writing for Stress-Release During the Holidays | Psychology Today New Zealand

With the lighter colored tissue papers it was a bit difficult to see the transition. I only cut out a few strips of each, and left the rest to cut out as needed. I also am going to start doing a variation of Project Life. Elise has been doing it on her blog, and I have been so captivated. I think that my homemade tape will be a nice decorative element as well. Sadly, my paintings are still unfinished, staring back at me every day. I haven't picked up the paintbrush since shortly after the course ended. I also was frustrated in adding layer after layer and feeling like I was getting nowhere.

Created by Dawn at AM No comments:. Labels: colored pencil , drawing , online course , photo album , project life. Coloring can be so mediative, calming. Labels: coloring pages download.

Created by Dawn at PM 3 comments:. Labels: colored pencil , online course. Hi Folks! Its been awhile, huh? The holidays are never easy for me, and i've been sick for a lot of January. That is what I get for working with toddlers :. I am working on a few projects at the moment. I decided that I should get back to basics by doing an art journal again. I am doing it differently though; I want to prep all the pages ahead of time and then go in and write my thoughts in later, and add in more decorations if I feel like it.

I've done about 6 pages so far, I just need to take some pictures! Her paintings is all about using your intuition, getting past your logical brain, your constant negative thoughts This is such perfect timing for this, but I almost never "let go" when I do art. I think about it even if its just a paint color , and keep thinking re-working while I do it. I am nervous if I will be able to do it, but I'm going to try. This drawing was much harder than a pear and some grapes. I spent the entire superbowl yesterday sketching it!

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I realized once I put it on my computer that the top petal is too wide and too short, so it needs to be fixed. That being said, I am proud of my work! I have a hard time drawing, and I got to draw from her line drawing so it was easier The next step will be fixing the shape and then start adding some. I think now that I am in a class I will be so much more inspired to. That is what I am hoping, so hopefully this blog will be updated more :. Labels: art journal , colored pencil , online course , painting.

Would you have believed that this painting is done in colored pencils? I am pretty sure I would have found that hard to believe a year ago. I have coveted Arlene Steinberg for a while. Her colored pencil work astounds me. This is my favorite one of all.